Brand New Bitch

Hi Loves,

So, my best friend just got her heart truly broken for the first time. Long story short, mature (has her shit together) girl falls in love with immature (always changing my mind, have no clue what I’m doing with my life loser) girl….My description of the other girl might be a little bit biased but she broke my bestie’s heart so she deserves it ;)….. anyway, it was a roller coaster relationship and after a trip in Italy when things couldn’t be worse the immature girl professes her love for mature girl. Mature girl falls for the lie and soon after they get back to the states immature girl fucks another chick. Bestie’s heart breaks. At some point bestie finds passages in diaries and Chat conversations of immature girl saying how fat, ugly, and disgusting my mature girl is. Its been a little while since bestie has begun the healing process and even though she has moments of weakness, regret, and the kind of pain only someone that’s been in love experiences, she has started to pick herself up from the ground, realize her self worth, and has begun putting the pieces of herself back together. Through these hard times my bestie has found a new appreciation for her true friends, her family, and for the strong person she didn’t realize she was. To my bestie, I love you. And to everyone out there that’s going through a rough time remember that you are loved and that whoever that boy or girl is was just an immature loser girl/boy.

Below is the song my bestie sent me to reflect how she currently feels inside. So, to all my loves out there that have gone through a similar heart breaking situation and have begun healing. This is for you 😉 !!


One response to “Brand New Bitch

  1. Indeed my best friend. You couldn’t have said it better. Never look back, but turn your sunglasses to the sky and hold your head high, look at everything around you and everything that is yet to come. Everything has it’s time and it’s purpose. 🙂

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