Best First Date: Wings, good conversation, spontaneity, Orlando?

So my loves…. I had the most interesting first date ever last night…..and based on the events that occurred I’m categorizing it as the Best First Date Ever, based on the level of fun and randomness. So, boy picks me up, we go to dinner. Not gonna lie, cute, tall, good body, nice smile, and chivalrous to boot. During dinner we are talking about everything and anything. We could go from making jokes to questioning each others ideals on certain topics. It was great. He would call me out on my bullshit and I would call him out on his. And if you know me, its nice to find a guy that can put me in my place and be secure enough for me to do the same back to him on certain issues. No more ‘girly’ guys for me ( J… ;)…). So, dinner ends and he asks me what I want to do now. I told him anything. So he gets on the turnpike north…. and then we are on it for a while…I ask him where are we going?….he says HardRock in Ft. Laud. …. we pass a sign that says turnpike north Ft. Lauderdale/Orlando. Jokingly I say ” If we are going to Ft. Laud might as well go to Orlando” …he says “You want to?” …. I reply “Are you serious!?”… He says “Yea” ….if you know me I can’t turn down a dare…. so I replied “I’m game lets go”. I have to say, was it kind of crazy in retrospect…hell yea… was it spontaneous and exciting…fuck yea!!…..I think spontaneity is one of those qualities that is highly underrated in a partner. After a while of being in a relationship you get into a routine and lose some of that unexpected, let’s do something for the hell of it, type of spontaneity that makes your relationship exciting. So, why not start off on a great note and be spontaneous on our first date.

For 3 and a half hours driving up, all we did was talk about everything. Work, family, ambitions, the works. And let me just say, road tripping with someone is a pretty big commitment. If they are annoying as hell you are stuck with them in a small space….for hours!.. I mean, I can’t give you a better description of hell. Thank God I didn’t suffer through that with him. We get there…decided we would probably sleep over but the boy gets hungry and we go to Buffalo Wild Wings in Orlando. We are sitting there, he’s eating and then both of us pretty much come back to earth and realize all the shit we have to do for work the next day and how we really can’t waste the day having fun in the theme parks at Orlando (which, had we had the day free from work would’ve been our plans). So wings over, we head to the car, pass by a drunk girl having a fight with her friend who claims she punched her….you had to be there…that chick was fucking funny!!….hell, we almost ran her drunken ass over because she was about to walk right in front our rolling car…she flips us off …and proceeds to stumble off on her merry way.

Another 4 hours in the car and my date that started at 6pm officially ended at 6:13am. My friends that’s a Lot of conversation. I mean, you really get to know someone and what they are about by being stuck with them in a car with nothing but the radio on low in the background and your tired minds trying to stay awake till we made it back to Miami. In a nut shell… fun, exhausting, spontaneous, the making out didn’t hurt either 🙂 , and good company. Best First Date. We’ll see how it goes with the boy 😉  so far…on to a good start 🙂


4 responses to “Best First Date: Wings, good conversation, spontaneity, Orlando?

  1. Sounds like an amazing guy. Anybody who loves wings is a keeper!

    • Hi Paula,

      You know, I haven’t mentioned it to him but you’re right, he is a keeper. We went out on another date last night and I had a great time. You just reminded me there’s something else I forgot to tell him. Anyways, love hearing comments from you. And Thanks for reading my blog :)….hope you enjoyed the stories.

  2. ooo what else did you for got to tell him?

    • Well Paula, that’s for me to tell him in person. Actually, its in reference to a question he asked me last night. He asked what I thought of him. And I always get uncomfortable when people ask me that since its a very personal/sensitive question and answer. I think the reason I get uncomfortable with that question is because it forces me to really look at someone in a different perspective than I’m used to. I mean, I would have to dig deep and think about them and how I see them. And when he asked me that I have to admit, I held back and maneuvered around it. But after I came home last night, I had this sinking feeling that he deserves better than that from me. So, next time I see him I’ll let him know.

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