Blogging about how I suck at….blogging

Hi Loves,

I’ve come to the realization that I’m a bad blogger. Its reminds me of having a diary when I was a kid. And I sucked at having a diary. Normally I would write in it as soon as I got it and then 5 years later I’ll find it with only that first entry and I would swear that this time I will keep up….But I never do. My friend that’s a writer suggested I should make a schedule and dedicate myself to it. Wake up at 7am… work out…(never happens by the way)….8am….breakfast and emails…. 10am….New Post on Blog….and so on. I suck at routines…and I don’t eat breakfast. Aside from being a writer my friend is also somewhat of a life coach. I love her, she rocks my world. I have no clue how she keeps so motivated. She has a daily schedule taped to all four walls of her room and on her ceiling. So when she wakes up, she knows exactly what needs to be done and is constantly being reminded of that. In retrospect, I should do that….hhmm…

Anyways, she has some hilarious dating stories herself and she is going to send them to me for your reading pleasure. Because I suck at keeping up with the writing and because I love hearing other people’s stories, I want to open my blog up to anyone that would like to post. Feel free to share your own funny story with me. I’m still figuring out how to make it into a forum. But for now, you can send me your story via email:, let me know what author name you would like to give it or if you want to stay anonymous, and I’ll post it 🙂 … Thank you for reading my blog…hope you had some laughs 😉


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