2 Stories: I had to ask Cotton or Lace? and Friends with benefits Rejection

Hi all!

My friend asked me to post some of my internet dating stories for your enjoyment.  I was a part of Match, Plenty of Fish, eharmony and yahoo. Each one gave me someone and some event to talk about. With that said here is my first story from a flex match on eharmony


For those who don’t know, on EHarmony they have full matches and flex matches. Flex matches is when they can’t find someone who is “compatible with you on all 29 characteristics.” Most of the time they can’t find someone who is fully compatible with me. Just so you know if you decide to use EH. Being Asian, ambition is very important to me so one of my first questions is “what are some of your goals?” I was messaging with a prominent university Department Head and was very interested based on his profile. Below is how our first conversation went:

Me:   What are some of your goals?

He:     To wear women’s underwear.

*lol…That’s all I needed to know… but I had to ask

Me:     Cotton or lace?

He:       Lace.

Me:      Well best wishes in your search. I only wear cotton.

Friends with Benefits

From Match I got this guy messaging me. We messaged for a little and he asked me to check out his profile. Gees this man was full of himself… his profile was no exaggeration 3 pages down! After reading about 1 paragraph 6 lines. I gave him my opinion on it. He then said he was attracted to me because Asian women are the “sexiest on the planet”, “have the best hygiene” and “smell the best” *shivers – creepy*

I told him I wasn’t interested as he was 5 inches shorter than I am (I’m tall – 5’9″) so he asked if we could just talk and that he respected my decision. I said he could text me and gave him my google voice number. We texted for a couple days and then he decided he was going to MAKE me want him (boys, why do you do this? such a turn-off).

On the 3rd day he asked if I would like to get together with him “for a fun time”

Me: No.

He: I could make you scream and “see heaven”

Me: I don’t believe in heaven.

He: We could be friends with benefits

Me: We are not friends

I then blocked him from google and Match. Its a hilarious and tough dating scene out there. Really!? “I could make you scream and see heaven”….lmao

**Next week El D-Spot will post one of my ultimate best stories of something I experienced a few months ago. Its totally worth the read 🙂


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