Massage with a Happy Ending ;)

Hi All!

My friend asked me to post some of my internet dating stories for your enjoyment.  The story below is rated X and very detailed… Enjoy!


I went to my favorite masseuse. Being a swimmer, it is great to find a masseuse who was an Olympic swimmer as he knows where it hurts and can figure out if my stroke was off. I have gone to him many times before and nothing like what you’re about to read has happened. During our last appt I noticed when I was on my stomach he sat down and put my hand on his crotch. umm… ok. He was hard and throbbing. OK! He worked on my shoulders and back before telling me to turn over.

When I was on my back, he started on my calves and slowly started working up. He positioned my legs like yoga’s tree pose and started massaging my inner thighs which sadly were sore. As we were talking his hand brushed my crotch. In mid sentence my breath caught. My body reacted swiftly… I was gushing!.. (Keep in mind, I haven’t had sex in years so my crotch was salivating like Pavlov’s dogs!). I didn’t say anything but his hand brushed me again. A moan quietly escaped me. My body was ready. I guess he could see that as he pulled back the sheet. My panties must have been soaked as he touched my clit through the thin fabric. I almost jumped out of my skin the orgasm was so strong. Gees talk about the element of surprise! *grinning* Right then he pulled the cloth away and started slowly fingering me. Wave after wave the orgasms lapped me.

He was talking at this time… I love when a man talks to me during any form of sex. Especially when he is telling me what he is doing, thinking and liking. He asked me to keep licking my lips and each time he did I was rewarded with another orgasm. He gently entered me with his big fingers. This orgasm took my breath away. He left his fingers there as I came down and I asked him “what does it feel like inside me?” He said “let’s find out!” Before I knew what was going on I was pulled down to the end of the table, my panties discarded and was entered. I screamed and came violently! DAMN! He really knew how to make an entrance!

He put his fingers in my mouth and entered my mouth with his tongue as we shared my juices in a kiss. His other hand pinching my nipple causing me to cry out with the lovely pain. After losing count of my orgasms on my back, I was turned to my side. He kneaded my tit, one leg on his shoulder the other on the table. He kept talking and I kept cumming. He told me how tight I was, how breath taking I was and how many times he wanted to do this in the past. His voice calm but under laid with want and lust. He put me back on my back and put my hand on my clit. As I was fingering myself he was watching and encouraging me on.

He then pulled me up, got me on my feet and turned me around. With my chest on the table he entered me and started pounding me from behind. OMG! I hadn’t been fucked by a man in a long time and my body was relishing the moment. I felt my wetness running down my legs! I had a crush on this man since the first time I saw him, but I never told him until now. I told him to fuck me, how much I wanted him and how great I felt!

He flipped me over and before I knew what was going on his tongue entered me. I came hard again. But after a little bit I realized he wasn’t very good at eating a girl out… I need very slow stimulation as my clit gets oversensitive with too quick movements. He was in frenzy mode and even with prompting, he didn’t slow down as much as I wanted to so I asked him to come up. *disappointment*…(lol)

He entered me again… how did this man stay hard? After 2 plunges he was full size again and filling me. I came a few more times when he walked over and asked me to take him in my mouth. I love the taste of myself so I gladly obliged. As I was sucking he was fingering me. When I came I made sure to keep my mouth on him so that he would get the full vibration. God he was an expert with his fingers!

He moved back down and entered me again. This time he was very tender and sweet. We made out and he softly told me how great he felt and how he wanted to do this from the first time but didn’t know how I would react. We made out some more. Then he stood up again and slowly started going in and out his full length. Painfully, slowly, he watched as my last orgasm built… not heeding my pleads to make me come. Slowly he moved and the higher I climbed. When I couldn’t take much longer, he gave about 6 full thrusts and pulled out. THAT is my favorite… The sudden void pushed me over. I think the people walking on the sidewalk outside the window must have heard my screaming. I enjoyed feeling his hot load land on my stomach, his balls still pressing against my clit, his mouth covering mine.

MY GOD! This was one of the best fucks of my life!

One response to “Massage with a Happy Ending ;)

  1. This is a great story! Now THAT is a happy ending. 🙂

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