Are you worthy of me?…

Let me begin by saying this isn’t a narcissistic rant about how great I am. This really pertains to love and relationships. Recently, I’ve had in depth conversations with one of my best friends who is currently following her dreams all the way to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Some of our conversations have been about whether true love exists, if it’s possible to fall in love with someone again after a decade apart even if it didn’t work the first time around, the men we’ve dated, if we’ll ever get married, and the man worthy of us calling husband, corazón, mon cher, meu amor, etc..

Every person I dated, had sex with, had a slight flirtation with, fell in love with, gave me glimpses of what I want and don’t want in my mate. Specifically, what would make the next man whom I call corazón, amor mio, or if it ever happens, husband worthy of me calling them that. So, the question is this:

Knowing that I, your Goddess, am worthy of you. Are you worthy of being my King?

Are you worthy of my love despite your character flaws and scars inside and out? Are you worthy of the fights I’m going to concede to you or compromise on even though it will chafe my ass the entire time I’m doing it just because I know they are meaningless in the bigger picture that is us? Are you worthy of my loyalty and strength I’ll give you when it seems your life is too rough or going down the wrong path? Do you deserve the respect I’ll give your decisions in certain situations even if I don’t agree with them 100%? Are you worthy of the fights we’ll have because I’m as stubborn as you and won’t let you get your way all the time? Do you deserve the months or years of my youth I’ll invest in you as my one and only mate? Are you good enough to be my best friend, the one that I’ll move heaven and earth to make incandescently happy, tell all my secrets and thoughts to without fear of judgment, the one who’s hand I’ll reach for and intertwine fingers with to get comfort from whenever I’m scared? Are you worthy of all the pleasure I’ll give you as you orgasm in my arms? Do you deserve the strength I’ll give you when you are unsure about a decision or are fearful of anything? (If we go down this path), Are you worthy of the awesome kids I’ll bear you and the great mother I’ll be to them? Do you deserve me and all the experiences we’ll share together discovering this world and the love we share? I know who I am, I’m secure in who I am, and I trust who I am. Can I trust you and have faith in you to always be honest with me and have my best interest in mind?

I as your Goddess am willing to give you all of the things mentioned above. I’m willing to give you my prized possessions, my heart, my intelligence, my body. And my question to you is, are you, worthy of being my King and holding said treasures in your possession?

I guess this is the type of man or love I’m waiting to find me. My counterpoint. The man that when combined with me creates a harmonic relationship while retaining or enhancing our individuality.

I could add things to this list like physical traits, financially stable, etc. But I’ve never been one to give too much importance to those things. God knows I fell in love with broke and unemployed because what I truly cared about was heart, ambition, and chemistry. So I guess that’s it. Just a couple of thoughts. This isn’t really meant towards anyone as much as it’s me realizing a couple of things. Oh, and I think every woman is a Goddess in her own right, waiting for her King to find her. Didn’t want to sound narcissistic 😉


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